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First Baby Essentials | The Emotional Pregnancy Ebook for First-Time Mums

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to this transformative period of your life.


Whether you feel somewhat mentally prepared for childbirth or have a sense of anxiety you can’t quite shake, this emotional pregnancy ebook for first-time mums will help you explore the many pivotal dimensions that play a key role on your journey into motherhood.


Prepare to question your long-held beliefs about birth, the female body, our identity as women and the emotional patterns that go with it.


Use the expert information, emotive prompts and reflective questions within this guide to grow your knowledge and the emotional awareness that goes with it.


There is 'no right or wrong way' to give birth, but a way that feels right to YOU. So let’s help you explore just that!

What makes this pregnancy ebook so special?

Across 7 deep-dive sections you’ll enjoy:


  • First-hand insights from a practicing doula who has supported 150+ women during childbirth and beyond

  • The essential aspects of your pre-birth journey without unnecessary fluff

  • Clear and concise information without the jargon that usually goes with it

  • Universal advice that applies to every birth setting

  • Emotive prompts to help you consider your options

  • Reflective questions to explore the emotional dimensions of your journey

The key areas you will explore:


  • Choosing your care provider to assist with one of the most influential decisions for your birth experience

  • Knowledge to help you determine where you’d like to explore further

  • Emotional Awareness to pick up where health professionals often skim

  • Support to help you define what you need to feel supported

  • Making empowered decisions to give you the confidence to speak up when needed

  • A positive birth experience to give you awareness of your options and react to the unexpected

  • You as a couple to help you become a strong team with open dialogue

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 Let us tell you a little more about it...

Hear it from happy mothers:

Julia's guides are a fantastic source of information written by an experienced birth doula. They provide a wealth of knowledge, are easy to understand and visually appealing. They a great and necessary addition to the toolbox of any birthing woman and her family!



How will I get access to the guide?

As soon as you purchase this guide, you’ll receive instant access to the digital ebook via email so you can start exploring right away.


Is this guide a comprehensive approach to birthing?

This emotional ebook is designed to explore the WHY rather than the HOW. Because that’s what the health professionals don’t cover. It’s designed to start a conversation with your partner. It’s intended to make you pause and consider how you can feel best prepared for the unknown of childbirth. And it will help you define where you want to explore further. It doesn’t deliver complete childbirth education, but rather invites reflection on specific topics.


Does this guide set me up with a firm birth plan?

No, because births quite often don’t go to plan. This guide gives you awareness to consider your options and have a positive birth experience, even if the birth unfolds differently to how you had planned.


Does this guide replace the need for personal birth support?

No, far from it. This guide is great to use as a conversation starter with your partner or doula who can then keep your questions, fear and hopes in mind during labour.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Due to the digital nature of this guide, all purchases are final.