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Online childbirth and postpartum education for the emotionally aware woman and her partner.

Take your first step towards empowered choices today. All minus the jargon.

Welcoming a baby into your life is incredibly precious

But it also comes with many question marks

Why do I feel so overwhelmed by all my options?

How do I best prepare for what comes AFTER?

What role does my partner play?

Which choices are right for us?

Am I getting the best advice?

Niggling doubts that can build up and eventually leave you feeling unprepared and overwhelmed.

All when you should be feeling GOOD about what’s ahead!

The solution?

Going deeper on the emotional perspectives and topics many health professionals unfortunately often skip so you can feel confident and supported in your choices.

Before, during and after birth.

Take your pick from these empowering childbirth and postpartum options

I often refer to it now well after having my child to touch up on information. It cut out the really conflicting information on the web and allowed me to sit with my partner quietly and go through it together and raise questions and create discussion. Our communication over the birth and planning was facilitated and encouraged using

Birth Essentials.

Elayna, first baby.

Mother and Baby

Welcome to easily accessible birth education with an emotional twist

Where we don’t focus on the HOW but the WHY

Our mission is to bring essential knowledge to the aware birthing woman. One essential topic at a time.

Where birthing classes cover a wide range of topics without ever really scratching the surface, Birth Essentials breaks this journey down into individual, relevant topics so you can pick and choose where you feel curious, confused or somewhat nervous.

Best of all?

Everything within our guides is non-medical and applies to your individual situation:

💙 Public or private hospital

💙 First or next birth

💙 Physiological or planned intervention

💙 Midwife or obstetrician

💙 Single or multiple pregnancy

💙 Find your own approach to birth

The Birth Essentials Promise...

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Essential Views

Tune in for bite-sized video snippets to prepare you and your partner for the wonders of birth.

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